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Over 36000+ mothers believed us. At Mann Hospitals, we tend to perceive that your life takes an enormous flip the instant you discover out you're expecting a baby. Our aim is to provide special care to you throughout your pregnancy, offer complete services you'll would like, as well as full antepartum care, your most needed or medically-required delivery possibility, and postpartum care.

Our obstetric advisors are the expect practitioners in their field. Mothers who pick Mann Super Speciality hospital for her maternity care are often sure that they're going to receive the best quality specialist, physiological condition care. Mann’s absolutely equipped luxury rooms and suites provide perfect setting for this joyous moment, and cannot, even for a second, allow you to desire you're far away from home.

At Mann, you will approach a large group of assets which will enable you to build up a healthy diet routine and great practices in view of your particular nourishment necessities amid this period.

During Pregnancy:

1. An entire session concentrated on sustenance amid the Antenatal Classes

2. Nutritional interventional practices for

  • Gestational diabetes
  • Pregnancy-induced hypertension
  • Increased weight gain
  • Impaired glucose tolerance
  • Gestational diabetes + pregnancy-induced hypertension
  • Weight reduction regime for Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome, with or without added medical complaints


  • Weaning Practices and perfect weaning nourishments relying upon the age of baby
  • Childhood-onset of obesity
  • Enhanced nutritious status of children with dietary issues

Postnatal Services:

  • Enhancing breast milk supply supply through changes in diet, particularly in case of gradual reduction of supply
  • Powerful food intake for getting back fit as a fiddle


Mann Multi speciality Hospital offer a scope of physiotherapy services amid pregnancy and related gynaecological and paediatric problems

During Pregnancy:

  • Antenatal exercises
  • Posture training
  • Lamaze birthing techniques
  • Relaxation techniques
  • Gestational diabetes exercises
  • Birthing ball exercises (antenatal)
  • Prevention and treatment of backache, neck pain, leg cramps, varicose veins, etc.

During Labor:

  • Relaxation techniques
  • Breathing Patterns
  • Lamaze birthing method
  • Using birthing ball

After Delivery:

  • Postnatal exercises
  • Posture assessment and re-education
  • Stress reduction program
  • Birthing ball fitness exercise (postnatal)


  • Post-menopausal exercisesv
  • Posture assessment and re-education
  • Osteoporosis prevention exercises
  • Pelvic floor assessment and exercises
  • Incontinence rehab regime
  • Uterine prolaps
  • Post mastectomy (breast surgery) exercises
  • Post hysterectomy exercises


  • Baby massage developmental assessment and rehabilitation
  • Comprehensive rehab programs for club foot, brachial plexus injury etc.

Care at Home:

The primary takes a gander at your new child is a powerful inclination that puts you joyous beyond words when you get the news! Holding a piece of you near your heart is absolutely a standout amongst the most satisfying and joyful minutes you may involvement.

In any case, every new baby brings with it numerous duties regarding both mother and infant. Regardless of whether it's your second child, your experience could be altogether different from your first, which can get very overpowering. To ensure you are happy on Mann even at home, we offer Mann Care at Home Services. We will enable you to traverse this superb, yet upsetting, time effortlessly and certainty.

We help and guide you as you bond with your infant, and support and tend to its prosperity every day.

Our specially prepared Maternity Care Executives will visit you at your home to give proficient care. There are three choices that you can browse from:

  • A capsule two day programme
  • An in depth 7 day programme
  • An extensive 30 day programme

The projects comprise of special personal care and direction in new-born child and mother care, post-operative wound care, assistance in breast feeding, direction in burping strategies, managing post birth anxiety, parental advising and other do's and don'ts for first time moms.

This is only an outline of the accessible contributions. If you don't mind get in touch with us to discover more. Ensure you book ahead of time to give us adequate time to make courses of action and help you with a smooth change. Mann helps you enjoy an anxiety-free motherhood!

With our committed in-house facilities including a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit with cutting edge technology and in addition a far reaching scope of pregnancy bolster classes and complementary therapies, our scope of maternity services is unrivalled.

Once your infant is born, we offer confirmation construct exhortation in light of encouraging and looking after the infant, postnatal exercises and paediatric services, for example, new-born screening tests and hearing tests, notwithstanding day by day visits from a paediatrician.

Mann Maternity Unit incorporates open and agreeable LDRs – Labor, Delivery and Recovery rooms and best in class Operation Theaters.

Work Delivery Recovery (LDR) Rooms

Mann LDR's – Labour, Delivery and Recovery rooms – give moms to-be a homelike air. On account of our LDR, hopeful moms are never again required to be moved starting with one place then onto the next and can encounter a continuous birthing process for the length of the work, delivery, and recovery period. Intended to give the vibe of home, each LDR is outfitted with a progressed multipurpose quaint little inn the gear vital for a sheltered and agreeable delivery.

Moms to-be can notwithstanding bring along their most loved music and we will play it for them amid work to enable them to unwind!

Operation Theatres:

Our best in class OTs have the most recent technology to perform imperative strategies. They are equipped to deal with any difficulties, guaranteeing the prosperity of both mother and youngster. The abnormal state of disease control kept up in the OT guarantees quicker recovery for patients.

At Mann, our standard practice is to have a Paediatrician give the Obstetrician amid a C segment, to guarantee the best result for the new-born. Our unmatched early neonatal survival rates of 99.72% is a demonstration of our elevated requirements of care.



Our Neonatal Intensive Care Unit is certified by the National Neonatology Forum as Level III – the most elevated amount of serious care. It has the most progressive equipment on the planet like GE Giraffe hatcheries and all expected framework to care for wiped out babies including ventilation, HFOV and Nitric Oxide, among different facilities.

We give particular nursery care to babies from 24 weeks gestation onwards. Untimely babies (born before 37 weeks and following 24 weeks gestation) and debilitated babies are clinically evaluated and cared for in the NICU until the point that they can be exchanged to the ward.

Reasons for admission include

  • Prematurity (24 weeks gestation or more)
  • Intrauterine growth retardation/small for gestational age
  • Low blood sugar
  • Respiratory (breathing) problems
  • Infections
  • Seizures
  • Temperature instability
  • Assistance with feeding
  • Phototherap

The care-giving team

There are numerous individuals engaged with the care of babies admitted to the NICU. The uniquely trained nursing group is going by a nurse manager. Each baby will be under the care of an advisor Neonatologist. An individual from the neonatology group will visit the baby each day and will be accessible 24 hours per day.

Your Neonatologist will visit you in your space to examine the care of your baby and you are likewise welcome to visit the NICU amid rounds. Pediatric experts from numerous fields including medical procedure, cardiology, nephrology, gastroenterology, hereditary qualities, pathology, radiology and ultrasound are additionally accessible, if the need emerges.

The introduction of an untimely or wiped out baby can be upsetting for the entire family. Be that as it may, the time a baby spends in the NICU will be brief, and our staff is very much trained in this field to give the needed care and support set up the baby for release.

Involvement of Parents

The nearness of parents is vital in a new-born’s life. Your voice and delicate touch are profitable types of ameliorating correspondence for your baby. We urge you to include yourselves being taken care of by the baby, while he or she is in the NICU. When your baby's condition permits, we will bolster you in giving care, for example, encouraging, nappy changing, showering and different schedules.

Your baby's care procedure may change as often as possible, contingent upon advance, and data updates will be imparted to you. Kindly don't falter to make inquiries as we esteem and empower your visits and interest. Relatives other than the parents won't be permitted in the NICU. The reason is to dodge the little babies from being presented to conceivable contaminations.

Mother Crafting

Once your baby is prepared to be released from NICU, we guarantee that you are prepared and certain about dealing with your new born. We give a home-like condition in our Luxury room and guide and bolster you in this progress stage.


Mann propelled Rohtak, Haryana is one of the Multi-specialty hospital in 1993. Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), suite rooms, OT, drug store, Labor Delivery and Recovery (LDR) rooms and a completely equipped Paediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) have been set up in the hospital. A crisis reaction group is accessible 24×7, in the process making Mann Multi specialty hospital the first of its kind.


Mann, India's leading Multi-Speciality hospitals are equipped with a Surgical ICU. This Surgical Intensive Care Unit (SICU) gives quick and proficient execution of therapeutic treatment to meet the high-risk care required for moms. We offer the most ideal care to the patient through consistent checking and execution of value change programs. It is an innovatively propelled crisis care for every one of the moms!

4D Foetal Medicine service:

With fetal medication rising as a free specialty, we have made a specific fetal prescription unit to screen high risk pregnancies by concentrating on the extraordinary needs of the baby and performing intercessions, if necessary, while in the womb.

This unit additionally gloats of a cutting edge 4D ongoing ultrasound imaging framework, which is utilized as a part of examining fetal improvement. You and your accomplice can share the experience of seeing your baby develop and check the points of reference being developed as your pregnancy advances. This mechanically propelled, high determination framework produces 4D

pictures of your baby, refreshes it progressively and encourages you see the baby proceeding onward screen

Presently you can bond better with your baby and experience the elation of watching your baby squint, wink, grin and yawn!

Sweeps prescribed amid pregnancy are:

Scan Type Right time for Scan
Early pregnancy and dating scan 7 – 8 Weeks
NT & NB scan screening for chromosomal abnormalities 12 – 13 Weeks
Anomaly scan (targeted detail scan) 18 – 22 Weeks
Internal growth scan 30 – 32 Weeks
Biophysical profile (BPP) scan After 36 Weeks

To enable you to save and love these affectionate recollections, we additionally furnish a DVD or CD with the pictures toward the finish of the sweep. All sweeps are done according to standard conventions of FMF (UK), by an accomplished sonologist who will give immeasurably essential data relating to your baby.

We believe that it is important for parents-to-be to make a well-informed choice about the place of birth. We offer a range of packages to suit your varying needs, all conforming to our high standards of quality and care. Please note, the rates below are specific to locations and may vary at each hospital.

Luxury Package:

This package includes comprehensive care for the mother and baby during their stay with us, along with some additional benefits such as our very popular Antenatal class. It includes consultations, nutrition and physiotherapy sessions, lactation counseling, basic delivery charges, planned diet for the mother, basic baby test charges and much more! We pamper you to no end with little surprises that celebrate this joyous moment in your life. This includes a specially designed Mann gift hamper and, what has now become our signature, your car decoration to announce your joy to the world!

We have Silver, Gold and Platinum Luxury packages available.

PPlease contact us to find out exact details of packages and to schedule your free facility tour.

Signature Package

The Signature Package is a real treat for parents-to-be. It covers all major requirements of mother and baby, starting in the second trimester. Everything such as consultations, major scans, educational sessions such as Lamaze, Antenatal classes, lactation counseling, nutritional and physiotherapy sessions, delivery charges, standard lab investigations, baby test charges and much more is included! Your stay with us will be in an aesthetically designed suite room with the right ambience and highest comfort for mother and baby. Our pampering knows no bounds with little surprises such as special gifts and a relaxing massage for the mother. Our care doesn’t stop with the delivery, as we also support you at home through our “Care at home” service.

The Signature Package is a comprehensive solution and a source of tremendous delight. Please contact us to find out exact details of the package and to schedule your free facility tour.


We offer a cashless experience in case of insurance coverage from any of our empanelled TPA’s. Even if your TPA is not empanelled, we help you with the reimbursement process.”

we have the following TPAs (Third Party Administrators) empanelled with us for providing cashless services for the delivery packages offered here. We follow a strict credit rating system with the TPAs and this credit rating system is provided based on preset criteria in terms of customer as well as provider.

Empanelled TPAs

S.No TPA/Insurance Company
1 Medi Assist
5 Future Generali
7 HDFC Ergo
8 Vipul TPA
9 God Health Plan Ltd
10 Reliance Generali Insurance
11 Genins India TPA
12 DHS
13 E – Meditek
14 Health India TPA
15 Apollo Munich
16 Max Bupa
17 ICICI Lombard

Confirmation of your Mann birthing experience before the 6th month

  • A fun and exciting Baby Shower celebration with each couple winning attractive gifts.
  • A Lucky Draw every month with attractive prizes.
  • One session our popular comprehensive Prenatal workshop.
  • One Prenatal fitness session.

The It's Our Baby Program on Mann is a superbly created, premium baby-prepared program for hopeful parents that reaches out from early pregnancy to early parenthood. Our aptitude has demonstrated to us that couples who go to our honor winning workshops and sessions are substantially more sure and arranged for pregnancy, labor and newborn care. That is the reason, the It's Our Baby Program has been composed as a heavenly variety of workshops, sessions and festivities, offering you a surprisingly consistent ordeal from tummy to baby.

Components of the program :

Prenatal Workshop :

The Mann Prenatal Workshop is a select program that associates you with a splendid group of doctors and medical pros who will share novel experiences and tips on topics, for example, prenatal nutrition, changes in your body amid pregnancy, phases of work, relief from discomfort amid work, Lamaze methods and undifferentiated cell safeguarding.

Prenatal Fitness Sessions :

With our altered prenatal exercise design, composed and exhibited by our physiotherapists, rehearse redid fitness schedules in the solace of your home. Your activity design will be transferred onto your fitness application, with normal observing and bolster reached out by an assigned physiotherapist.

Prenatal Nutrition Sessions :

Our customized nutrition designs can serve to ease morning affliction, enable you to conquer medical conditions like gestational diabetes or high or low circulatory strain, keep risks related with low birth weight under control and keep your baby solid.

Baby Shower :

Our baby shower is a magnificent occasion that we toss in your respect, to praise your trip up until this point. Trimmed with bright improvements and strewn with jarfuls of satisfaction, our baby showers are a radiant blend of one of a kind occasions, fortunate draws and customized pictures of you and your family.

Management of Baby Affairs :

Our signature Management of Baby Affairs (MBA) program lays the preparation for your new part as a parent. Our flexible medical group incorporates a pediatrician, lactation authority, dietitian, physiotherapist and nurse specialist. Every master will sparkle a light on particular topics that will enable you to comprehend and care for your newborn, for example, nourishing and dozing procedures, baby back rub and shower works on, breastfeeding and nutrition for new moms, and the part of the whole family at home. Our masters will likewise bust a few legends related with pregnancy.

Lactation Sessions :

Our lactation sessions will feature perfect lactation rehearses for you to receive. We will discuss your baby's first feed, nursing positions and conceivable afflictions you can forestall by breastfeeding your youngster. Of the three lactation sessions that you will go to, one will be amid your pave the way to delivery, and two in the primary month after your baby's introduction to the world.

Lamaze Sessions :

Lamaze is an extraordinary mix of activity, breathing and unwinding techniques, that cooperate to mitigate torment amid work and advance a characteristic birth.

Exclusive Photo Series Pregnancy Photo Journal :

Photographs can fill in as mysterious tokens, restricting you to wonderful past minutes. That is the reason, we've made a point to incorporate three professional photoshoots in your program, each composed by Mann's official photography accomplice, G. K. Vale. You'll get six photos altogether, two from each photoshoot. Alongside your photo series, we will likewise blessing you a specially made pregnancy journal, a valuable photo book that will enable you to annal your pregnancy travel with stories, pictures and notes.

Postnatal Fitness Assessment :

A postnatal fitness assessment is directed by a prepared physiotherapist who will survey your post-baby body and customize an intense, yet paced fitness anticipate you.

Postnatal Dietary Counseling :

Claim your sliver of Mann today. With the It’s Our Baby Programme, we promise you an experience of a lifetime.

Maternal and Fetal Medicine Department on Mann

The Maternal and Fetal Medicine Department on Mann presently brings its signature blend of front line technology and world-class mastery to Mumbai. This particular division of Mann centers around evaluating the risk of and diagnosing inborn incapacitates and imperfections in unborn babies and the ensuing management of the same.

While by far most of babies are typical, around 3-4% of babies may have variations from the norm that may bring about mental or physical cripple. Notwithstanding, all parents wish to have a typical and healthy baby. Without a doubt, the mission in maternity is to have healthy and upbeat moms and babies! The Maternal and Fetal Medicine Department of Mann is outfitted with a variety of apparatuses for the powerful diagnosis of fetal abnormalities and suitable multidisciplinary management of high risk and complex pregnancies.

An Introduction to Maternal and Fetal Medicine :

Maternal-fetal solution masters, likewise called perinatologists, are obstetricians who work in the diagnosis, treatment, and progressing care of eager moms and unborn babies who might be at risk of creating particular health issues.

Perinatology services gave by maternal-fetal medication specialists incorporate maternal and fetal medical care, checking, fetal ultrasound examinations, genetic directing, best in class demonstrative tests, fetal prosperity tests, fetal medical procedure and a large group of other multidisciplinary devices.

Department of Maternal and Fetal Medicine on Mann :

The Maternal and Fetal Medicine Department on Mann Malad includes a group of exceptionally experienced and devoted maternal-fetal medication experts, authorities and radiologists. We give complete, empathetic and specific services adjusted to the most noteworthy global principles.

Services Offered by the Department of Maternal and Fetal Medicine on Mann :

Pre-Pregnancy Counselling :

Prenatal Screening

  • Down’s disorder screening
  • Nuchal translucency
  • Double and fourfold marker
  • Pre-eclampsia screening
  • Preterm work screening
  • Beta thalassemia screening and prenatal diagnosis

Fetal Diagnosis

  • Fetal anomaly scan
  • Fetal wellbeing scan
  • Fetal echocardiography
  • Advanced imaging 3D/4D
  • Fetal doppler imaging

Fetal Therapy

  • Intrauterine transfusions
  • Fetal shunts

Intrauterine procedures

  • Amniocentesis
  • Chorionic villus sampling

Twin Pregnancy Clinic

  • Management of monochorionic/dichorionic twins
  • Screening for chromosomal abnormalities
  • Management of growth problems/fetal growth restriction
  • Management of twin to twin transfusion syndrome (TTTS)
  • Management of twin anaemia polycythemia sequence (TAPS)
  • Management of twin reverse arterial perfusion (TRAP)

Trimester 1: Screening Protocols :

With progresses in ultrasound technology, it is currently conceivable to recognize birth surrenders and to play out a fetal diagnosis before a pregnancy has achieved 13 weeks. Fetal diagnosis is a viable apparatus for couples, offering them a profitable keyhole to the health of their baby. Early screening can likewise relieve the risk of birth abandons and other conceivable concerns

Nuchal Translucency Scan :

The nuchal translucency ultrasound scan is commonly done between the eleventh and thirteenth long stretches of pregnancy. The scan is normally performed transabdominally however is now and again done transvaginally. The scan is led in light of the accompanying destinations.

Accurate pregnancy dating: This is especially important for ladies who can't review the date of their last period, ladies who have a sporadic menstrual cycle and ladies who have considered while breastfeeding or not long after in the wake of halting the pill. This scan utilizes the span of the hatchling as a measure to decide the normal date of delivery.

Chromosomal abnormality detection: On Mann, we appoint an individual risk score to each eager mother, in view of an assortment of components, for example, age, hormonal creation, fetal pulse, nuchal translucency thickness, fetal nasal bone structure and blood move through the fetal heart and ductus venosus and fetal variations from the norm. Couples who show a high risk score are offered far reaching advising sessions on Mann, pointing the path forward.

Multiple pregnancy diagnosis: Approximately 2% of common originations and 10% of helped originations result in the development of multiple fetuses. Ultrasound scanning can decide how well a multiple pregnancy is creating, regardless of whether the two babies are developing similarly and whether the two babies share a solitary placenta. The Twin Clinic on Mann is equipped to viably deal with a scope of high-risk pregnancy cases.

Major abnormality detection: Major variations from the norm might be noticeable at a beginning period in a pregnancy; a nitty gritty oddity scan in the nineteenth week is accordingly basic.

Early pregnancy failure detection: Unfortunately, around 2% of hatchlings don't make it to the nuchal scan, here and there kicking the bucket a little while before with no notice or trigger. On Mann, couples with early pregnancy disappointments are offered advising and direction as to resulting ventures to be taken.

Risk assessment: Fetal growth limitation and maternal pre-eclampsia are assessed amid the nuchal scan and a proper treatment design is made, if required. Assessment of the uterine corridor doppler can adequately spotlight the risk of these two basic conditions. On the off chance that the risk is observed to be high, low dosage headache medicine can be begun immediately, thusly, limiting confusions amid pregnancy.

Down's disorder is caused by the nearness of an additional chromosome in fetal cells (Trisomy 21). The nuchal translucency test can decide chromosomal trustworthiness, and demonstrate the risk of Down's disorder and other chromosomal variations from the norm like Trisomy 13 and Trisomy 18. The risk of Down's disorder is affected by an assortment of variables including maternal age, past medical history, fetal heart rate, maternal hormonal piece and fetal nasal bone structure.

Non-Invasive Prenatal Screening Test :

In the event that the fetal inconsistency scan introduces a high score, you might be informed a little exhibit with respect to extra tests. The non-intrusive prenatal screening test is a superlative screening choice that can distinguish Down's disorder and in addition other chromosomal variations from the norm with surprising accuracy, without the inclusion of a needle into the pregnancy. The cell free fetal DNA is examined from a maternal blood test, giving an outcome for Down Syndrome that is 99% exact.

Nonetheless, it is constrained by a few factors and may not be reasonable in all cases. In the event that the test returns unusual outcomes, it is typically trailed by an amniocentesis system.

Chorionic Villous Sampling :

Chorionic villous testing (CVS) involves the extraction of a little example of placental tissue, by means of a fine needle went through a hopeful mother's stomach area. This test is generally performed between the eleventh and fifteenth long stretches of pregnancy. CVS is the most precise approach to see if an embryo bears chromosomal irregularities. Nonetheless, it conveys a premature delivery risk of 1-3 for each 1,000 cases. On the off chance that CVS is proposed to you, you and your accomplice will be taken through an arrangement of master advising sessions with a specific end goal to touch base at a choice.

Amniocentesis :

Amniocentesis is a test in which the liquid encompassing a baby is examined by means of a needle went through a hopeful mother's stomach area. This test should just be performed following 15 finish a long time of gestation. Be that as it may, it introduces a risk of unsuccessful labor, much like with CVS. An amniocentesis methodology ought to be decided on after careful thought. On Mann, we offer professional directing and direction to enable you to explore troublesome choices and manufacture a way ahead.

Trimester 2: Screening Protocols

The second trimester is made out of a series of scans and screening tests.

Fetal Anomaly Scan :

The fetal abnormality scan is an exceptionally concentrated ultrasound methodology that is performed in two phases: an early inconsistency scan at the 14-week point and a definite oddity scan at the 18-week point.

Early anomaly scan: This is offered to couples whose offspring convey a high risk of creating genetic peculiarities. The scan makes ready for an early diagnosis and management design. Couples who have beforehand considered babies with birth abandons are urged to choose the early oddity scan to preclude the repeat of past conditions.

Detailed Anomaly scan: The itemized abnormality scan evaluates each piece of the baby and furthermore decides the situation of the placenta, the measure of amniotic liquid, and fetal growth. Exceptional consideration is paid to the cerebrum, confront, spine, heart, stomach, entrail, kidneys and appendages.

Transvaginal Scan :

On Mann, we likewise complete a transvaginal scan in the second trimester to quantify the length of the cervix. This is particularly vital in ladies who run a high risk of preterm delivery. This incorporates those with multiple pregnancies, earlier preterm babies, variations from the norm of the uterus or past cervical medical procedure. Irregularities in the cervix can be set appropriate with viable careful and/or medical mediation.

Fetal Echocardiography:

The fetal echocardiography is a point by point and concentrated examination of the fetal heart and blood vessel vessels. This scan is suggested for ladies with a family history of heart irregularities and those with a background marked by diabetes. It is additionally fitting for ladies with a lifted nuchal translucency at the First trimester scan. This scan might be prescribed by your specialist if the essential peculiarity scan focuses to a worry in regards to the fetal heart. This worry could be an auxiliary irregularity or a musicality variation from the norm. The echocardiography is typically planned between the eighteenth and 23rd weeks of pregnancy.

Genetic Counselling:

At times, a pregnancy disappointment might be administered by a genetic inclination. It is vital to recognize genetic conditions that could offer ascent to an unsuccessful labor with the goal that the risk of repeat is decreased.

Genetic guiding is a procedure through which visitors at risk of an acquired genetic issue are informed with respect to the likelihood of creating or transmitting the condition. A guide is then spread out, sketching out aversion and risk minimisation measures.

On Mann, our master maternal and fetal drug group leads a point by point genetic assessment called family graphing on high-risk visitors. This procedure is mutually performed by a clinical geneticist and a formative pediatrician, who dive into a visitor's genetic history and earlier unsuccessful labors, to touch base at an exact diagnosis. Genetic directing is normally trailed by particular genetic tests that mean to feature transformations and the probability of their appearance. These tests fill in as prescient instruments to decide repeat risk. Genetic guiding encourages prenatal diagnosis, around the eleventh seven day stretch of pregnancy.

The Twin Clinic on Mann

Twins and higher request pregnancies have expanded in event throughout the years and are genuinely regular today. This move is ascribed to two principle factors: increment in normal maternal age and the appearance of different helped conceptive therapies, for example, in vitro treatment (IVF). The chances of considering twins are higher for ladies beyond 35 years old, and also for ladies ingesting ovulation-prompting drugs or experiencing fruitfulness medicines, for example, IVF. Twin pregnancies display expanded odds of fetal and maternal inconveniences. Consequently, such pregnancies are viewed as high-risk, deserving of extraordinary consideration and care. On Mann, The Twin Clinic is a particular facilities uniquely gave to higher request pregnancies.

What Are the Types of Twins?

There are two kinds of twins: identical and congenial.

Identical Twins

Identical twins, otherwise called monozygotic twins, are the results of the split of a solitary treated egg, delivering two babies with identical genetic data. Identical twins are dependably of a similar sexual orientation and often share a similar placenta. Monozygotic twins are otherwise called monochorionic twins and tragically, they run a higher risk of intricacies.

Fraternal Twins

Fraternal twins or dizygotic twins, then again, begin from the association of two separate arrangements of eggs and sperm. Accordingly, brotherly twins are genetically one of a kind and could possibly be of a similar sex.

How Are Twins Detected?

The location of twins and multiples (triplets/quadruplets) is conceivable through an early ultrasound scan. It is indispensable to decide if twins are monochorionic or dichorionic by the 11-multi week point.

What Are the Symptoms of a Twin Pregnancy?

A multiple request pregnancy more often than not involves misrepresented pregnancy side effects, incorporating an expansion in queasiness, morning ailment, indigestion, bosom delicacy, pee and clogging. It can likewise prompt exorbitant craving and never-ending depletion. The second trimester once in a while offers ascend to challenges in breathing, expanded indigestion or acridity, swelling (edema) of the hands and legs and stomach growth. Fetal developments additionally turn out to be more articulated.

What Are the Maternal Risks Associated With a Twin Pregnancy?

Paleness (diminished hemoglobin) is regular with twin and multiple pregnancies, and is a condition that can prompt unnecessary weariness. Different issues, for example, expanded circulatory strain (pre-eclampsia) and gestational diabetes could likewise create amid the second trimester. Untimely work and delivery are real risk factors for higher request births. Around 10% of twins are conveyed before 32 weeks of gestation and in the vicinity of half and 70% are conveyed before 37 weeks. Subsequently, a specific neonatal emergency unit is fundamental to help a twin pregnancy.

What Are the Fetal Risks Associated With a Twin Pregnancy?

Fetal Anomalies: Both dichorionic and monochorionic twins are powerless to birth surrenders and chromosomal irregularities. Henceforth, screening for potential conditions by means of predominant ultrasound procedures in the first and second trimesters is basic. The elucidation of results and the production of an ensuing management guide can be trying at times, particularly when one twin presents typical scan parameters while alternate does not. Henceforth, master fetal medication counsel is fundamental, a stage that is accessible at The Twin Clinic on Mann.

Fetal Growth Restriction: Both dichorionic and monochorionic twins can endure poor growth inside the womb and can be born at low birth weights. A few twins create particular intrauterine growth limitation (sIUGR), which warrants specific management.

Prematurity: Preterm babies run a higher risk of respiratory trouble, contamination, intestinal issues and poor weight pick up. They often additionally require phototherapy and a more extended hospital stay. Mann Hospitals offer Level III neonatal concentrated care units that furnish such babies with a comprehensive biological system to flourish in.

Complex Problems in Monochorionic Twins: Monochorionic twins, or identical twins, are probably going to share a placenta. The division of a placenta can prompt particular issues like twin to twin transfusion Syndrome (TTTS), acardiac twinning, twin switch blood vessel perfusion (TRAP) and specific intrauterine growth confinement (sIUGR), all conditions that can lethally deny one twin of basic supplements or assets. On the off chance that one of the twins in a monochorionic match kicks the bucket in utero, it can cause neurological issues in the surviving twin, bringing about mental variations from the norm.

Why a Special Twin Pregnancy Clinic?

As apparent from the focuses specified above, twin pregnancies convey a high risk of maternal and fetal confusions. On Mann, The Twin Clinic is a specific facility that expands master care and concentrated observing to higher request pregnancies. With our bundle of advancements, we guarantee both maternal and fetal prosperity and fantastic results, even in the most complex of circumstances.

The Twin Clinic is made out of maternal and fetal solution specialists and obstetricians experienced in overseeing high-risk pregnancies. Our Level III neonatal concentrated care units are equipped with prepared neonatologists who have an abundance of aptitude in overseeing preterm and growth-limited babies.

Healthcare Plan at The Twin Clinic on Mann

First Trimester Screening (11-13 weeks): All twin pregnancies that are recognized early are booked for a scan at 11-13 weeks. At this stage, the developing life check, feasibility, chorionicity and chromosomal trustworthiness are resolved.

Fetal Anomaly Scan (18-20 weeks): This is a point by point scan performed to search for deformities and birth deserts. On the off chance that one twin is found to have inconsistencies while the other is ordinary (grating twins), master advising and management choices are required.

Cervical Assessment: The cervical length is checked through a transvaginal scan and ensuing advances are arranged relying upon the outcome. This assessment can fill in as a risk measure for preterm delivery.

Fetal Echocardiography: All twins, particularly monochorionic twins need to experience an exceptional fetal heart scan to preclude variations from the norm. On Mann, the echocardiography is performed by fetal medication specialists, with help from a pediatric cardiologist.

Dichorionic Twins: Dichorionic twins are scanned at 4-week interims, commonly at the 24, 28, 32 and 36-week points. These scans are performed to check if every single fetal parameter are advancing regularly. Any deviation from the ordinary would require another arrangement.

Monochorionic Twins: Monochorionic twins require nearer checking because of the issues related with placental sharing. They are scanned at 2-week interims, as a rule at 16, 18, 20, 22, 24, 26, 28, 30, 32, 34 and 36 weeks.

Maternal Monitoring: Weight, circulatory strain and pee checks are successful measuring sticks for maternal health. Beside these, extra examinations may likewise be suggested in light of your condition. On Mann, prenatal improvement is overarched by a multidisciplinary board of specialists, including a maternal-fetal pharmaceutical master, an obstetrician, a physiotherapist, a nutritionist, a lactation master, an anaesthesiologist, an endocrinologist and a neonatologist.

Extraordinary Fetal Procedures at The Twin Clinic on Mann

Embryo Reduction/Selective Feticide: This method is for the most part performed in dichorionic twins to accomplish particular feticide. It is typically received if variations from the norm are recognized in one twin or if the pregnancy includes triplets or quadruplets. Higher request pregnancies represent a critical risk of rashness and subsequently, particular feticide upgrades maternal and fetal health.

Amniocentesis/CVS Procedure: Sometimes, analytic test comes about point to chromosomal variations from the norm and diseases in higher request pregnancies. In such cases, specific feticide is a favored choice. On Mann, feticide is directed just by experienced fetal solution specialists.

Fetoscopic Laser Coagulation for Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome: Twin to twin transfusion disorder (TTTS) is a genuine condition that can muddle 1 out of 5 monochorionic twin cases. Left untreated, 9 of every 10 embryos bite the dust in utero. Laser removal of interfacing placental vessels can prevent this condition from relapsing. The strategy shows a positive result in 70-75% of cases. Laser photocoagulation is performed in an operation theater under anesthesia. A 2-3 millimeter fetoscope is embedded into the amniotic pit and the connected vessels are coagulated by means of laser. The abundance amniotic liquid is then depleted and the mother-to-be is watched for 24-48 hours.

Radiofrequency Ablation/Interstitial Laser: Radiofrequency removal is utilized for specific feticide in monochorionic twins in the event that one twin shows abnormalities or if there is proof of extreme intrauterine growth confinement (sIUGR) or twin turn around blood vessel perfusion (TRAP).

Bipolar Cord Coagulation: Bipolar line coagulation is another technique for particular feticide utilized for monochorionic twins. This system is utilized in sIUGR or in situations where one twin should be rescued while alternate has a variation from the norm. The method limits the risk of impair in the surviving twin.


1. Pre-Pregnancy Counselling

2. Prenatal Screening

  • Down’s syndrome screening
  • Nuchal translucency
  • Dual and quadruple marker
  • Pre-eclampsia screening
  • Pre-term labour screening
  • Beta thalassemia screening
  • Prenatal diagnosis

3. Fetal Diagnosis

  • Fetal anomaly scan
  • Fetal wellbeing scan
  • Fetal echocardiography
  • Advanced imaging 3D/4D
  • Fetal doppler imaging

4. Fetal Therapy

  • Intrauterine transfusions
  • Foetal shunts
  • Laser ablation
  • Cord coagulation

5. Invasive Procedures

  • Amniocentesis
  • Chorionic villus sampling
  • Fetal blood sampling
  • Embryo reduction

6. Twin Pregnancy Clinic

  • Management of monochorionic and dichorionic twins
  • Screening for chromosomal abnormalities
  • Growth problems/Fetal growth restriction
  • Twin to twin transfusion syndrome (TTTS)
  • Twin anaemia polycythemia sequence (TAPS)
  • Twin Reverse Arterial Perfusion (TRAP)

1. How would I pick my specialist?

You can experience the whole rundown of our board of doctors who are carefully chosen and expedited board just in the event that they meet our exclusive expectations Our group of in excess of 40 obstetric experts are altogether autonomous professionals who have experienced a thorough procedure of assessment before picking up conceding benefits at Mann. This includes assessing their experience, involvement and capabilities, and guaranteeing that they keep up their exclusive requirement of training.

2. Is it extremely costly?

We can ensure that our packages are the most moderate among hospitals that offer equivalent services. In addition, we don't expand the cost of different services in light of the sort of room picked, they continue as before.

3. Do you accept insurance patients?

We do acknowledge protection patients and urge you to meet our work force on the off chance that you have any inquiries in regards to the same before delivery.

4. Do you have Stemcell banking collection facilities at Mann Hospitals?

Yes, in an undertaking to improve client comfort at Mann, we have begun the activity Cryonine – an undifferentiated organism saving money item in relationship with Life Cell. Cryonine is framed to defend the enthusiasm of mothers to-be who need clearness on which rope blood donation center to pick and consequently can abstain from being annoyed by a wide range of rope blood donation centers. Mann guarantees it bolsters couples to settle on the correct choice and backs them with high administration levels.

5. Is it an unadulterated Maternity hospital?

Mann is devoted to ladies and kids. We manage any sort of lady and tyke health issue and not simply maternity. Our accomplished gynecologists are adroit at tending to any gynecological issues and medical procedures. Our master pediatric services are additionally very much perceived and we have achieved another development by opening Bangalore just private area Children's Hospital, "Mann Kids".

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